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When things didn't turn out as they should be ...

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Missed the train; left the wallet behind; client cancelled after preparation whole day; didn't get the right food .... Life can be frustrating and annoying. Suddenly you sink into the darkness, with helplessness and even hopelessness ... "I can't do anything right; the world is giving me up", you said to yourself.

Looking outside the window, I can't hear anything sweet. I go inside, contemplating and becoming aware of my own voice in my head. It's the low mood, I can feel it at my chest, the heavy chest with the long and heavy breaths. I close my eyes, stay with the feeling, both in my body and inside my head. Let it come, let it grow. Life is never always good. Stay with it.

Life is evolving and ever-changing, or I am not aware of it. Stay with it and beware. Hang it there. Be patient.

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